About the Sailboat Jada

The San Diego sailing yacht Jada is designed for blue water ocean racing. She was built over seventy years ago as a solid and fast passage making vessel, and even today with the advent modern fiberglass sailing vessels, Jada is still considered a fast boat. Her full keel and yawl rigged sails make her a very stable and safe vessel, even for crossing oceans on extended voyages.

Today it would cost nearly $2,000,000.00 to design and construct Jada to her original specifications. Below deck Jada's interior was created by master craftsmen using the finest teak wood available providing a warm glow to all passengers aboard. Her cabin sole (floor) is also teak with gorgeous holly inlays capturing the quality of a bygone era.

Rare at the time of her construction is Jada's hard-dodger cockpit cabin, which keeps her passengers warm and cozy when conditions are less than ideal.

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Jada Sailing Vessel Facts:

  • Navel Architect:  Philip Rhodes
  • Builder: Stevens Brothers – Stockton CA
  • Year: 1938
  • Materials: Port Orford Cedar over white oak frames, teak interior and decks
  • Engine: Perkins 80 HP Diesel
  • Displacement: 40,000 lbs

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Carole Sailing on Jada
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